Review: Chapeau! French Toast

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My fee-awnce (fiancé sounds too hoity-toity) and I went to one of our favorite restaurants to celebrate V-day: Chapeau! The "!" happens to be part of its name, although I'd be inclined to use it anyways because I love this place so much. We had a lovely meal, but lets cut to the chase and chat about the important part. No, not the delicious authentic French food, but the dessert we had. It was listed as "French Toast" on the menu, making it sound incredibly average, but let me tell you, it was far from that. The description had the word "hazelnut" it in, which evoked an instant Pavlovian reaction in both of us, which made this the obvious choice. It consisted of a piece of perfectly seasoned french toast which was lying in a bed of soft caramel and topped with hazelnut ice cream. Sounds simple enough, but it was amazeballs. Rich, moist, caramelly goodness comboed with creamy hazelnut, and was surprisingly not too sweet. If you live in the bay area, go hit up Chapeau! for dinner, order the French Toast for dessert, and thank me later. 

Rating: 5 spoons