Recipe: Shelly Brownies

Brownnnaaayy tiiiiiiimme!

Just because I have a dessert blog doesn't mean I'm opposed to making dessert from a box mix. In fact, boxed desserts hold a special place in my heart, but...they're also my nemesis. They're such showoffs being all convenient, easy and delicious! We have your typical love-hate relationship.

One of my all-time favorite boxed numbers is made by my sister, Shelly. She starts with box fudge brownie mix and adds a friendly addition of semi-sweet chocolate chips, which makes ALL the difference. There are several boxed brownie mixes out there that come with chocolate chips/chunks already built into it, but let me tell you, it's definitely not the same as these bad boys. #doubletrue

I've named this dessert after her because I request it often for our weekly "sister TiVo nights." This recipe is as easy as it gets, but the key is to not overcook them!

Fun Fact: After the brownies have cooled enough to eat, my sis announces they're ready by singing: "brownnnaaayy tiiiiiiimme!!" It makes the brownie experience much more enjoyable (I highly recommend you ask for a demo of this the next time you see her).

Shelly Brownies
Recipe adapted by Betty Crocker
Yield: 12 servings

Betty Crocker® Fudge Brownie Mix (Pro Tip: this is our tried and true brand! It can be found online or at most grocery stores)
1/4 cup water
2/3 cup vegetable oil
2 eggs
6oz Nestlé® Toll House® Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips (Pro Tip: you might be wondering why we don't use the whole bag, we've tried it and it's too much)

Directions (same directions can be found on the back of Betty's box)
1.  Heat oven to: 350° for 13 x 9" pan and 9 x 9" pan; 325° for 8 x 8" pan (Pro Tip: we heat at 325° on convection bake and use a 13 x 9" metal pan). Grease bottom of pan with butter or cooking spray.
2.  Stir brownie mix, water, oil and eggs in medium bowl until well blended.
3.  Stir in chocolate chips. Spread batter into pan.
4.  Bake as directed on the box: 13 x 9" pan 24–26 mins; 9 x 9" pan 38–40 mins; 8 x 8" pan 52–54. (Pro Tip: ours takes 22 mins on the nose). Let cool for 15-20 mins on a cooling rack.

"Ees OK" Notes:
• Don't feel bad if you screw these up (we definitely have), but 9.9 out of 10 times, you won't.
• These taste best while watching an episode of The Bachelor/Bachelorette, Damages or Orange Is the New Black.